Hair Loss Prevention Kit

Everything you need to keep your hair.



1. Minoxidil. 2 oz bottle

2. Shampoo. DHT 8 oz bottle

3. Vitamins. 30 Biotin Chewables

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This topical solution, used once or twice a day, can put a stop to hair loss and may even help new hair growth.


Just a drop

Drop on the affected area and let it dry for 2-4 hours. Try to keep your hair away from your pillow when wet.


A thicker crown

Minoxidil actively promotes hair growth by shedding old hairs and replacing them with new ones.



Minoxidil is a topical product that's been approved by the FDA to treat hair loss and help regrow hair.


Backed by science

Minoxidil relaxes blood vessels, making it easier for blood to flow to your scalp and hair follicles.

Play the long game

You may lose hair at first. This is temporary as your old hair is replaced by new, thicker hair.



This shampoo formulated to reduce levels of DHT in the scalp (the hormone that causes hair-loss) and adds volume to your hair. In short, it helps you keep your hair. On your head. If you're into that.


Lather it in

What can we teach you about shampoo that you don't already know? You use it once a day in the shower.


Foam it up

For an extra special boost, distribute it onto scalp and hair after washing and leave on for 1 to 3 minutes. Rinse it well and revel in the glory.


What is DHT?

DHT, short for dihydrotestosterone, is a powerful hormone that can shrink hair follicles and lead to male pattern baldness. The Shampoo is packed with ingredients thought to reduce the amount of DHT in your scalp leaving you with a healthier head of hair.


Backed by science

DHT is the hormone that causes hair loss. The ingredients in The Shampoo are formulated to wash away excess DHT on the scalp and help you grow thicker, healthier hair.

Volume matters

Oily hair can make thinning hair look thinner. The Shampoo makes your hair appear thicker and fuller by adding volume boosting ingredients to your regiment.



These are vitamins for thicker hair, stronger nails, better skin and the key nutrients that are good for your heart, nerves and digestion. So you don’t have to look like a Romanian gymnast to feel like a Romanian gymnast. And of course, if you look like a Romanian gymnast, no judgments.


Chew on this

Just eat them once-a-day to start to see hair loss improvements. Some say they're better than candy!


Did you know?

Clinical studies indicate that those with deficiencies of biotin can experience brittle nails and hair loss.


Keep it healthy

Biotin plays a key role in preventing hair loss, and has active ingredients that help grow thicker, healthier-looking hair.


Chill Out

Stress can contribute to hair loss. Spend time every day doing something you like or meditating for a non-medicinal way to slow it down.


Backed by science

Like all B vitamins, this one helps the body turn food into energy for our bodies and break down proteins

Get Your First Month for Just $5!