Hair for life

This lifetime guarantee is given to:

MENS LLC (“we” or “us” or “our”) guarantees the hair loss products you purchase will stop your hair loss and start the regrowth process. We are so confident in our hair loss products that if you experience noticeable hair loss at any time after completing six (6) consecutive months of properly using your hair loss product(s), you will be eligible to receive a credit toward an Advanced FUE hair transplant procedure (minimum 1,000 grafts) (“Advanced FUE”) from our affiliate, Advanced Hair Restoration (“AHR”), in an amount equal to the aggregate price you paid for the product(s) you purchased, up to a maximum credit of $5,000 (the “FUE Credit”).

To receive an FUE Credit, you must contact us with a written request (“Request”) to enclosing the following information:
  • A statement by you confirming that you used our hair loss product(s) as directed for six consecutive months, but thereafter observed noticeable hair loss;
  • Your contact information, including mailing address, email address, and phone number.

Within thirty (30) days of receipt of your Request, if you have qualified for an FUE Credit, we will email you notice of your FUE Credit. To redeem your FUE Credit, you must schedule an initial consultation for an Advanced FUE at any AHR location within six (6) months of the date we send you the FUE Credit notice. At your initial consultation, an AHR physician will evaluate whether an Advanced FUE treatment is medically appropriate for you. Your eligibility for an Advanced FUE, as with all medical procedures, is at the professional discretion of the treating AHR physician. Scheduling your Advanced FUE will be subject to physician and facility availability. The cost of the Advanced FUE will be billed at AHR standard prices in effect at the time you receive the Advanced FUE. If you have qualified for an FUE Credit and schedule an Advanced FUE procedure, MENS will reimburse to you any documented travel expenses incurred in traveling from your primary place of residence to the AHR location at which the procedure will be performed up to a maximum travel reimbursement of $500.

AHR will honor your FUE Credit conditioned upon timely payment in full for all professional services rendered in connection with your Advanced FUE (less the amount of the FUE Credit). If you fail to timely pay in full, the FUE Credit shall be void and the entire unpaid balance for the Advanced FUE treatment shall be due and owing. The FUE Credit has no cash value and may not be refunded or redeemed for cash, including if it is determined by the AHR physician that an Advanced FUE treatment is not medically appropriate for you. FUE Credits are non-transferable. We reserve the right to modify this Advanced FUE Credit Policy from time to time.